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“It’s all about serving my patients better.”

Sarah Quinn is the owner and medical director of Arcadia Wellness Center. It was her desire to deliver a higher level of individualized care to her patients that inspired her to launch her own wellness center. Empowering people to live fuller, healthier lives through a personalized, whole-person approach is her passion and the mission of Arcadia Wellness Center.

Sarah has over 13 years of combined experience as a registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner. Her experience working in both hospital and clinic settings gives her a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of her patients. She has extensive experience treating patients dealing with chronic pain and hormone imbalances. Cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements have also been part of her practice for over a decade.

Our Services


We offer several aesthetic and laser services including peels, microneedling, IPL photofacial and fractional laser resurfacing to help to maintain a healthy complexion. Aesthetics Laser

Cosmetic Injections

Our cosmetic injections services are simple, nonsurgical treatments used to decrease the signs of aging. We use products such as Botox, Juvéderm, Kybella and many more. More Info

Food Allergies

Do you struggle with food allergies or sensitivities? The food that we put in our bodies plays an integral part in who we are – the way we metabolize food varies dramatically across different individuals. More Info

Hormone Therapy

Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix AZ offers a whole person approach to a healthier lifestyle
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Pain Management

Our medical professionals have years of experience working with pain management treatments. There is no need to let pain rule your life with the many treatment options available to you today.
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Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs offer medical management with accountability to ensure the highest success rate. Plans begin with lab work to rule out any hormone imbalance or nutrient deficiency.
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Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix AZ offers a whole person approach to a healthier lifestyle
Telemedicine Appointments Available

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