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5 Extraordinary Benefits of Monthly Skin Facials

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Your skin is an essential part of the face you show the world. Maintaining the health of your skin should be a priority to look your best year after year. Monthly skin facials are one way to help nourish and protect your skin as part of an ongoing skin wellness program; plus, it is a great way to relax and unwind. Here are five extraordinary benefits you can obtain from enjoying a monthly custom facial for your skin.

  1. Remove toxins. Professional facials use deep cleansing to remove toxins and improve the health of your skin. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we include steaming and cleansing to free toxins from deep in your skin. A nourishing mask also pulls out toxins while improving the health and texture of your skin.
  2. Improved exfoliation. Removing dead skin cells helps improve the glow and texture of your skin. Facials accelerate exfoliation of skin cells safely while adding nourishment. This can help aid your skin in staying youthful and healthy.
  3. Improves circulation. During facials, the skin is massaged to increase circulation. This rejuvenates the skin cells and keeps the skin pliable and healthy. Improved circulation also helps the skin repair itself and resist aging.
  4. Nourishment. Monthly facials are a good chance to allow the skin to be nourished and moisturized at a deeper level. Once the skin is completely cleansed and exfoliated, it is ready to absorb nutrients and moisture for improved health.
  5. Improve skin texture and tone. Keeping your skin healthy with monthly facials can minimize pores and keep your skin’s tone even and smooth. Your skin will look better while staying youthful and in good health.

Healthy Skin Facials in Phoenix

At Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help beautify and improve the health of your skin, including custom facial treatments. We can create a perfect skin facial customized for your skin on a monthly basis so you can experience all these extraordinary benefits first hand. Our clinic also offers dermaplane treatments, microneedling, cosmetic injections and many other skin treatments to help you maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Call our clinic to schedule your skin consultation and first monthly facial today.