5 Male Cosmetic Treatments Just for Dad

Wanting to look your best at any age is not a gender-specific goal. Men want to look more youthful and energetic to feel confident in their personal and professional lives. While moms get pampered every May for Mother’s Day, dads often do not get the same treatment in June. Why not get dads in your life the gift of rejuvenation? At Arcadia Wellness Center, we have wonderful male cosmetic treatments that can refresh the male face and erase a few years from their appearance. Here are five of our favorite cosmetic procedures for men.

1. Diminish Brow Lines

Does the dad in your life have deep frown lines or forehead wrinkles from years of worrying about his kids? Smooth them away with a Botox treatment. In a quick, painless injection session, we can smooth away Dad’s brow lines, helping him look years younger and erasing that permanent frown-face.

2. Tighten and Brighten

Male skin loses elasticity and tightness with age, just like it does on women. Our Bright & Tight treatment is perfect for men. This “peel” does not require downtime – it does not damage the outer skin but stimulates rejuvenation deep in the dermis layer. This is a discrete option to tighten and brighten aging male skin for an instant and lasting facial rejuvenation.

3. Smooth Facial Skin with Facial Fillers

Men have acne scars, lines and wrinkles that can impact their facial appearance. Facial fillers like Bellafill are low maintenance – results can last up to five years – and the injections can smooth scars, lines and wrinkles in one visit.

4. Male Laser Body Hair Removal

Does dad have hairy shoulders? Men may tend to have more body hair than women, but that does not mean they need to accept it. If dad wants a hair-free back, chest or other body areas, laser hair removal can give him a permanent solution for those problem areas.

5. Thicker Hair

Hair loss can be caused by many factors from hormone issues to genetics and aging. We offer hair loss treatments like PRP scalp injections that can stimulate hair growth to combat thinning hair and some types of hair loss.

Give Dad the gift of a more youthful appearance with male cosmetic treatments at Arcadia Wellness Center. We also offer medical weight loss for guys that want to lose that “dad bod” and hormone therapy for those that are suffering from low T or other imbalances. Contact our clinic today to find out more about our services for Father’s Day.