November is the beginning of the holiday season and when many people gain the most weight. Starting with leftover candy from Halloween, calories cascade at every turn from gravy-laden turkey dinners to holiday cookies, eggnog lattes and prime rib holiday feasts. If you are already unhappy with your muffin top, love handles or hefty hips, why wait until after the holidays to begin improving your body and health? Here are five reasons to start medically-managed weight loss now to begin your body transformation.

1. Why Gain More Weight by Waiting?

It is common for people of all sizes to gain 5-15 pounds between November and the end of the year. Why add more to what you need to lose? Imagine beginning 2020 at a lower weight than you are right now, instead of adding more to what you need to lose.

2. Better Choices for the Holidays

Beginning a weight loss program now doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the holidays. With the right plan, you can still have wonderful meals and enjoy some of your favorite foods. The difference is you will make better choices and feel better, helping you enjoy the holidays more fully. Part of our medically-managed weight loss program is using advanced appetite suppressants to help you control your hunger to stick with your plan.

3. More Energy

The holidays can be exhausting, especially when you are carrying excess weight. Our medically-managed weight loss program at Arcadia Wellness Center not only helps you lose weight quicker; you will have more energy. B12 injections, vitamin optimization and hormonal balance can help ensure you feel your best for the busy holiday season ahead.

4. A Healthier You

The first thing we do when starting a client on a medically-managed weight loss program is perform lab testing for nutritional deficiencies and hormonal balance. We help ensure your body has what it needs for a healthy metabolism and immune system to support you through the holidays and beyond.

5. Quicker Fat Loss

HCG, fat burner and B-complex injections all help your body burn fat more effectively. Fat loss is never easy but with the right fat burning enhancements, you can see results quicker to help motivate you to reach your goals.

Don’t wait until the New Year for a new you. Start losing your extra pounds and begin feeling better now with medically-managed weight loss from Arcadia Wellness Center. We are here to support you during your weight loss journey, helping you look great and feel even better. Contact us today to learn more about our weight loss programs.