The volume, shape and overall appearance of the lips changes with age. Many people begin noticing thinner lips around their forties – some earlier, some later – and possibly vertical lines, lost plumpness and a longer top lip. All the facial features can change with age, but the lips can be one of the most noticeable since they are so prominently linked with the mouth and smile. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we are lip experts with incredible treatments that can help you retain youthful, kissable lips. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Lip Fillers

By far, the most popular lip treatment we offer is lip filler. There are several different options in facial fillers that can be used for adding volume to the lips, but one of our newest favorites is Kysse by Restylane. This hyaluronic acid filler is designed specifically for the lips, using the proprietary XpresHAn Technology that allows for more flexibility for natural movement of the lips. This filler can give you plumper lips that look young and sensuous.

2. Lip Flip

The Botox lip flip is a procedure that can enhance the shape of the top lip to make it appear fuller and defined. The injections of Botox near the cupid’s bow and corners of the mouth relax muscles in the upper lip to allow it to curl or “flip” outward, enhancing the thickness and shape.

3. Treatment for Fine Lip Lines

Multiple wrinkles and lines can appear on and around the lips. The lips themselves can develop wrinkles which filler can help smooth, another benefit of using Kysse lip filler. Other filler injections can be used to smooth vertical or “smoker’s” lines around the mouth.

4. Marionette Line Treatment

Deeper lines at the corner of the mouth can run downward toward the chin, creating marionette lines like the mouth of a puppet. These lines can make your mouth look like it is perpetually frowning. Deeper facial filler treatments can smooth away marionette lines for a happier and more youthful mouth.

5. Hydrate and Exfoliate

The lips require the same anti-aging care as the rest of your skin. Exfoliate, hydrating and moisturizing your lips is vital to keep them looking youthful. Our lip experts can advise you on the best ways to care for your lips and recommend products that will maintain plumper, youthful lips.

Your lips are one of the first features people notice. Keep them looking soft and supple with cosmetic treatments for a youthful appearance. To learn more about our fillers and cosmetic treatments for sensuous lips at any age, call us at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix to book your lip rejuvenation consultation.