7 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Nov weight loss banquet

If you are planning to begin your weight loss journey after the holidays, you are not alone. The New Year weight-loss trend happens every year and many people are looking forward to starting fresh when 2021 arrives. While planning to lose those extra pounds in the New Year is admirable, you do not want to gain more that you will need to lose. Here are seven tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays and possibly get a jump start on your weight loss resolution.

1. Bring a Healthy Dish

The holidays are full of gatherings and most will have food. To give yourself a healthy choice amongst the high-sugar and fat goodies, bring a healthy dish to holiday gatherings. A veggie tray, salad or another side dish that is high in nutrients and lower in calories can ensure there is something healthy for you to eat at every holiday party.

2. Use Smaller Plates

It is an old trick, but it does work. Using a smaller plate limits your portions when you hit the party snack table and looks fuller to appease your brain. Stick to one small plate and you will minimize the damage you do to your waistline with higher-calorie holiday foods.

3. Add Outdoor Activities

Plan outdoor activities with your family to have fun and stay fit during the holidays. While events are limited in 2020 due to the pandemic, there are still many activities you can do outside in Arizona.

4. Cut Calories in Your Treats

Any substitutions you can use to lower calories will help reduce weight gain. Consider creative options like using stevia sugar substitute or applesauce in place of butter when baking holiday goodies. Choose low-fat cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and other options for cooking holiday meals.

5. Weigh Yourself Consistently

While you may not be in weight loss mode yet, you need to be aware of your weight. Weigh yourself consistently, at least once a week, to stay aware of any weight gain. You do not want to be surprised with 5-10 extra pounds to lose at the end of December.

6. Watch the Holiday Beverages

It is not only the cookies, candies and high-calorie meals that can add pounds during the holidays. Watch the beverages you drink – a grande egg nog latte at Starbucks has a whopping 460 calories. Hot buttered rum can have over 400 calories and a peppermint mocha is close to 500 calories! Choose lower-calorie options for your holiday drinks.

7.  Be mindful of Eating

Be aware of what you are eating. This means keeping track of how much you eat, as well as avoiding mindless snacking. Try using a phone app to log your food intake – it will help you track your calories and keep you aware of your eating habits.

Now is the time to start good habits that will benefit you when you are ready to commit to losing weight after the holidays. When it is time to start your weight loss journey, contact us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer medical weight loss options like fat burner and HCG injections that can help promote faster and safer weight loss. Call our clinic in Phoenix to schedule your weight loss consultation.