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Advance Your Skills with AWI Injection Training Courses

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Do you want to offer your clients or patients precise, effective cosmetic injections? Arcadia Wellness Institute (AWI) is your source in Phoenix for advanced injection training courses. Over the last several years, our providers have helped many different types of medical professionals learn the intricacies of cosmetic injections.  If you want to increase your knowledge and hands-on experience with the latest neuromodulators and dermal filler injections, consider taking our injection training course at AWI.

Didactic Training for Cosmetic Injections

A significant part of offering cosmetic injections is the interaction with the patient or client. The actual procedure and technique are crucial for excellent results, but understanding how to determine the right treatment, dosage and possible side effects are also vital. Our didactic portion of our training course is designed to enhance your baseline of knowledge on cosmetic injections to include:

  • Patient assessment
  • Determining the right product or treatment
  • Interactions or side effects
  • Conveying benefits of treatments to your patient
  • Calculating dosage for on and off-label uses
  • Troubleshooting and minimizing poor results

Our didactic training is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, whether you are starting at a beginner or advanced level. Our classes focus on both the art and science of cosmetic injections, as well as creating the best experience for your patients.

Hands-On Learning

There is artistry and skill in using cosmetic injections for aesthetic enhancement. Hands-on practice is essential for learning the precision placement and techniques needed to create the desired results. Our hands-on learning portion of our injection training course help our student professionals hone their skills and improve their confidence. We limit our class size to ensure our course participants can perform injections on several of our models each day of the course.


Facial Filler and Botox Injection Training in Phoenix

Arcadia Wellness institute welcomes dentists, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and doctors who want to advance their skills in using cosmetic injections. Contact our office to learn more about our upcoming class schedule for facial filler and neuromodulator injection training. Our classes are available for all skill levels, from basics for the novice to advanced techniques for experienced professionals.