If you visit the skin care isle of any drug store, you will see many topical creams claiming to restore collagen to the skin. While it is true that collagen can make your skin look years younger, you need it to build collagen from the inside out. There are several treatments that can stimulate collagen production inside the skin. Two of the most popular are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Sculptra injections. When combined, these two collagen-enhancing agents can provide incredible anti-aging benefits.

How Does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra is a biologic dermal filler which works differently than most filler injections. Instead of using hyaluronic acid or other fillers to plump under the skin, Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid which stimulates collagen production. Sculptra injections do not provide the immediate results of some other dermal fillers, but instead create a change in the skin structure over several weeks and months. New collagen is created to thicken skin and smooth away wrinkles, lasting for up to two years.

PRP Injections for Youthful Skin

Unlike most cosmetic treatments for anti-aging, PRP is not a pharmaceutical product. Instead, it is derived from your own blood. A small sample of your blood is needed to create PRP. The blood is filtered through a centrifuge, creating the platelet-rich plasma that is injected into the skin. PRP contains growth factors that stimulate healing and collagen in the skin, helping restore a more youthful appearance.

Advantages of Combing Sculptra and PRP

Both PRP and Sculptra injections take time to produce anti-aging results, but it is worth the wait. These two agents work synergistically to improve collagen levels deep within the skin. Over the following months, the skin increases in volume and improves in elasticity. Deep lines soften and wrinkles fade. Since the results occur slowly and naturally, it never appears that you had “work” done. Both PRP and Sculptra are safe and effective, offering amazing results for the face, neck, chest and other areas where you want to enjoy more youthful-appearing skin.

Plasma Sculpt Treatments in Phoenix

If you want a natural-looking option for more youthful skin, try our Plasma Sculpt Face, Neck or Chest treatments at Arcadia Wellness Center. This combination treatment can help make your skin look years younger with stunningly natural results. Contact our clinic in Phoenix to schedule your anti-aging consultation with Sarah or Holly.