Anti-Aging Neck Rejuvenation Treatments

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The neck is often an overlooked area, but it can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. The skin, tissue and muscles in the neck are affected by aging and other factors, changing as you get older. Even if you keep your face youthful, your neck can give away your true age and impact your jawline, chin and profile. To keep your neck svelte, firm, smooth and youthful, Arcadia Wellness Center offers several anti-aging neck rejuvenation treatments at our clinic in Phoenix.

Aging Neck Issues

Multiple changes may occur in the neck and chin area with aging. The skin can lose elasticity, causing lines, wrinkles and sagging tissue on the neck. In addition, excess fat can accumulate under the chin and on the neck, creating a double chin. Another issue is pronounced neck bands, the vertical muscles in the neck. Our aesthetic team offers non-invasive treatments that can address these neck aging issues and rejuvenate the skin and tissues for a more youthful appearance. These include:

  • Kybella injections. Kybella injections are FDA-approved to treat a double chin. Multiple injections to fat deposits under the chin can destroy fat cells and improve the chin and neck definition.
  • Botox for neck bands. Botox injections can relax tightened muscles, including the neck bands in the necks. This can smooth the neck for a more youthful appearance.
  • Skin tightening treatments. We offer radiofrequency skin tightening treatments that increases collagen and elasticity in the skin. This creates firmer skin on the neck and under the chin – this treatment can be used with Kybella or Botox injections to firm the neck as fat dissolves and muscle bands smooth.

If you have been hiding your neck under scarves or high-neck clothing due to aging issues, contact us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer multiple skin treatments that can improve the youthfulness of your skin.  We also offer cosmetic injections to slim and smooth your neck. Call our clinic in Phoenix to schedule a neck rejuvenation consultation with one of our aesthetic specialists.