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Are Food Allergies or Sensitivities Affecting Your Well-Being?

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Food allergies or sensitivities can affect your well-being, often without you realizing they are the culprit. Weight gain, fatigue, inflammation and pain can be caused from undiagnosed food allergies and sensitivities, impacting your quality of life. With food allergy and sensitivity testing, you can identify these underlying causes of health issues and begin treatment to overcome the symptoms.

Effects of Food Allergies

When most people think about food allergies, severe reactions to nuts, shellfish and other common allergy-prone foods comes to mind. However, many times allergies or sensitivities to foods are subtle. You may not have an immediate or severe reaction after eating a food you are sensitive to, but there are still consequences to your well-being.

When you consume substances your body cannot tolerate, it can have an autoimmune response. In a ploy to protect itself, inflammation can occur. This can affect many different systems in the body – joints, digestion, pain receptors, respiratory and more. Some of the common effects of this autoimmune response includes:

  • Increase of insulin. This can lead to increased hunger, blood sugar instability and weight gain.
  • Joint, cartilage and tissue inflammation. Inflammation can irritate joints with arthritis and other issues, causing increased pain and lower mobility.
  • Respiratory issues. Like any allergen, food allergies can trigger respiratory issues, especially in those with asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Migraines and headaches. Some people with food intolerances or allergies may experience migraines or headaches in response to exposure to these certain foods that the body perceives as toxins.
  • Low energy. Whenever your body is fighting a foreign substance (which is what can happen when you have a food sensitivity), energy levels can suffer.
  • Digestion. Inflammation of the stomach lining and digestive system can cause acid reflux and other digestive issues.

The tricky issue with food allergies and sensitivities is that symptoms may not appear for hours, even days, later. Some people with lactose intolerance do not experience symptoms until 24-48 hours after eating dairy. Awareness of what foods cause these reactions and learning to avoid them is the best way to combat and stop the symptoms.

Phoenix Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we understand the impact the foods we eat can have on the body, especially in the case of allergies and sensitivities. We offer food allergy and sensitivity testing for over 300 foods, molds and additives like dyes. Sarah Quinn, NP, can help you determine whether you have any sensitivity to certain foods and help create a treatment plan to improve your wellness. Call our office in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our wellness programs, including fighting food allergies and sensitivities.