Are You Suffering from Overtraining Syndrome?

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Being physically fit and improving your body’s performance can enhance your health and well-being. Whether you use exercise to maintain a healthy, fit body or are an athlete striving to meet higher levels of performance, balance is important in your exercise routine. When you push your body too hard without enough rest, your efforts can backfire. Overtraining syndrome is one way your body tells you that it is time to change your exercise regimen.

What Is Overtraining Syndrome?

To improve performance and endurance, many athletes push their body to the limits. To get to that next level, muscles need to be challenged and stamina must be increased. However, a crucial element of training is to allow your body to rest and recover after being pushed to these limits. Overtraining syndrome occurs when you do not allow enough time between training sessions or overuse certain muscle groups.

Overtraining syndrome can reveal itself in several ways. You may find your performance going backward instead of forward. This can spur you to work harder during your training sessions, often making the situation worse. You may feel fatigue, insomnia, headaches, muscle pain and other physical symptoms. You may also notice a change in your emotional state; some people become depressed or lose interest in their sport. These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you to slow down and get the rest you need.

Importance of Rest and Recovery

To achieve higher levels of fitness, you need to ensure you get the rest you need as part of your training routine. Your body must have time to repair and replenish after it undergoes extreme physical stress. Tissues must heal – building muscle is part strain, part repairing tissue. Without the rest needed, the continued strain will eventually take its toll and sabotage your training efforts.

The amount of rest needed depends on the person and the level of training they are doing. Most people will need one or more days between intense training sessions of the same muscle groups to get adequate recovery. Keeping your body hydrated, nourished and hormonally balanced are also important to recovery and high levels of performance.

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