Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan for You

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When it comes to weight loss, what works for one person does not always work for another. While a healthy diet and enough exercise are key components of most weight loss plans, there are other factors that can impact the success of any plan. In some cases, your body may be fighting your weight loss efforts, which is why you need a weight loss plan that is customized for you and you alone.

Factors that Affect Your Weight Loss Success

Why can two people with similar builds that need to lose the same amount of weight have dramatically different results on the same exact weight loss plan? Because inside, they may be very different. If you have gained weight, there may be reasons your metabolism has changed. Factors that affect your metabolism not only make it easier to gain weight, it can make it difficult to lose weight. Some of these factors include:

  • Nutrient deficiencies. If you are not getting enough of certain nutrients, it can affect your body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Hormone imbalances. Your hormones can cause havoc on your metabolism. If you have too much or too little of certain hormones, it can slow your metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight.
  • Reduced energy levels. When you feel tired, you may crave foods that give you energy or be too listless to exercise.

Addressing these factors can help make losing weight easier. If they are not addressed, you can be fighting a losing battle, making it seem impossible to achieve your ideal weight.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

The best way to ensure you are not fighting your body when trying to lose weight is to have a medically-based, personalized weight loss plan created for you. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we tailor weight loss plans for each individual and ensure their body is not combating their efforts. We start by testing for nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Correcting these issues first can make a significant difference in how effectively our patients lose weight.

Each weight loss plan is personalized to include the right diet and exercise regimen for you. Plus, we can give you metabolic enhancers that can improve energy levels and fat burning efficiency. Some treatments that may be included with your plan include injections of HCG, B12, B Complex and fat burners, plus supplements to reduce appetite. Sarah Quinn personalizes every weight loss plan to get quick, safe results while ensuring overall health and wellness.

If you are ready to embark on a weight loss plan that will work with, not against, your body, call our clinic in Phoenix for a consultation. We can help you lose that excess weight for a healthier, slimmer you.