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Combining the Right Skin Treatments for Spectacular Results

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There are many treatments that can fight aging and improve the overall beauty of your skin. Laser, exfoliation, collagen induction and skin resurfacing treatments all offer benefits for creating smoother, firmer skin that looks younger and healthier. While a chemical peel, IPL or RF resurfacing treatment each has its benefits, none of them alone can achieve the dramatic results of combining these effective skin enhancements. If you want to more youthful, glowing skin, consider using all three for spectacular results.

Three Treatments Are Better Than One

A chemical peel can give your skin a refreshed glow. IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments are fantastic for fading discolorations on the skin. RF resurfacing can induce collagen and create smoother skin. All three can help diminish wrinkles and improve elasticity. If you want to achieve skin that looks years younger and addresses specific concerns like enlarged pores or age spots, consider getting all three treatments in tandem.

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer our ultimate skin package that combines the anti-aging benefits of light, heat and exfoliation. By using all three, the skin is rejuvenated at all levels, addressing tone, texture, discolorations, firmness and radiance. Our three treatments include:

  • Vi Peel. Refresh your skin with an exfoliating Vi Peel that utilizes medical-grade ingredients to remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier, vibrant skin. Our Vi Peel can refine the clarity of your skin with improved tone and texture.
  • IPL treatments. Sun spots, broken capillaries, scars and sun damage can make your skin appear older. Our IPL treatment targets darkened skin cells and eliminates them for an even skin tone that is more youthful in appearance.
  • RF resurfacing. Radiofrequency or RF resurfacing uses heat energy to repair the skin. The heat can induce collagen production, helping diminish wrinkles, lines, enlarged pores and other aging skin issues.

When all three of these treatments are combined, you can achieve skin that has improved elasticity and firmness, reducing lines and wrinkles. The clarity and tone is revived, giving you smoother, even skin that is equated with youth and beauty. Pores shrink, redness or discolorations are faded, and years of sun damage can be stripped away. Our clients have been ecstatic with their results.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments in Phoenix

Give your skin an overhaul with our amazing ultimate skin package. Contact our team at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix to schedule a skin evaluation and consultation to determine the best combination of skin treatments to help you look years younger.