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Cosmetic Services for Facial Feminization and Masculine Contouring

Transgender transformations can help you coincide your inner and outer self. There are many different options to realign physical gender traits, from plastic surgery and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to non-invasive cosmetic treatments. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we are happy to offer a variety of non-surgical transgender services, including cosmetic facial transformations for facial feminization and masculine facial contouring.

Cosmetic Facial Feminization

Facial feminization focuses on features to soften the masculine angles of the face for a more feminine appearance. HRT can help with many of these changes from the inside out, but cosmetic treatments can offer a quicker transformation. Eliminating facial hair, narrowing the jawline, adding facial contours and lip enhancement are some of the possible feminization options to consider. We offer:

  • laser hair removal or electrolysis
  • masseter reduction with Botox
  • filler injections for facial contouring
  • Filler lip enhancements

Our cosmetic services can quickly feminize the face by enhancing a softer shape to facial features. We also offer skin treatments to improve the overall tone and texture – all women desire the appearance of soft, smooth and flawless skin.

Facial Masculinity Contouring

When striving for a more masculine face, cosmetic treatments focus on accentuating the jawline and chin. Since male features tend to be more pronounced, most cosmetic masculinity treatments involve adding volume to the face. Facial filler injections can be used to reshape the chin and jawline for a more angular and masculine jaw. Other subtle facial contours can be added to enhance masculine features.

Combining Transgender HRT and Cosmetic Services

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer both HRT  and cosmetic services for our transgender clients. Using both together can create the best results, changing the hormone balance from the inside while making immediate changes to the facial features. If you are interested in learning more about any of our transgender care services, call our facility in Phoenix. Our staff will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss which transgender transformation services are right for you.