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What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that both men and women produce naturally. Although women produce much less of it than men, it plays an important role in the balance of hormonal wellness. Testosterone is responsible for the masculine aspect of men, and women. It produces facial hair, affects bone mass, muscle mass, the way fat […]

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

“There are many complications that men can endure as the result of lowering testosterone levels. Some of the less severe are lowered energy levels and a low sex drive. Some of the more serious symptoms are loss of muscular strength and difficulty with concentration and memory. Some of the most common symptoms are: • Fatigue […]

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment for men that suffer from hypogonadism. As men age, their testosterone levels begin to dwindle which can cause problems such as depression, erectile dysfunction, and loss of energy. Testosterone replacement therapy, also known as androgen replacement therapy, is when a health professional replaces or adds to the testosterone that […]

Do testosterone boosters work?

Testosterone boosters can come in a variety of forms such as vitamin pills, shakes, drinks, and supplements. Although many people believe that they work wonders and do great things, there is very little scientific evidence that shows testosterone boosters to be effective. However, in theory, some of the compounds that boosters offer can help to […]

What are the causes of low testosterone?

The most common cause of lowered testosterone levels is aging. However, there are many underlying illnesses that can also cause a decreased amount of testosterone production. • Inflammatory diseases • Injury that interrupts blood supply to the testes • Chemotherapy • Metabolic disorders • High levels of stress There are also a number of other […]

What is hormone therapy used for?

Hormone therapy can benefit men and women suffering from a multitude of issues. It can also be key to optimizing health and wellness both physically, mentally and emotionally. Hormone therapy has shown to provide better sleep, increase lean muscle, improve energy, and increase erectile function. Hormone therapy is also used to reduce the symptoms of […]