Fitness at Forty Plus

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Fitness is important at every age, especially as you get older. Keeping active helps improve your cardiovascular health, keeps joints flexible and muscles limber. And of course, physical fitness helps you maintain a healthy weight and look your best. But, staying physically fit after forty can be more difficult for a variety of reasons, including changes in your hormonal balance.

Hormones and Fitness

Both men and women has hormonal changes that occur, especially after forty. This can impact your metabolism, muscle growth, energy levels and recovery, all important in your fitness journey as you get older. Whether you have always been physical active or are embarking on new fitness goals, you may find that achieving your peak performance is more difficult if you have had fluctuations in your hormone levels.

Hormonal therapy can offer many benefits that impact your health and wellbeing, including your fitness levels. Testosterone can impact your muscle mass and recovery; low levels can make it more difficult to reach the same level of physical fitness you achieved when you were younger. Low testosterone occurs in many men in their forties and beyond, but women can also have hormonal imbalance. This can be due to pre-menopause changes and other factors.

 Benefits of Hormonal Therapy for Fitness

If you are pursuing fitness goals in your forties and beyond, get the best results by understanding your body. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we work with our patients to achieve wellness at any age, including helping them manage their hormonal levels for fitness and health. Hormonal testing can help us determine if you have low hormonal levels that can affect your health and wellbeing, including symptoms such as:

    Weight gain


    Low endurance

    Reduced sexual performance/interest

    Muscle loss or difficulty gaining muscle

Hormone therapy can bring back a more youthful balance in your body. Reaching your fitness goals can be easier to achieve and you may experience higher energy levels. Hormonal balance improves your emotional stability for an improved mental state.

Phoenix Hormone Treatments

If you want to enjoy a higher level of fitness and health at forty plus, come see us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer hormonal testing and treatment to ensure you can live life to its fullest at any age. We also offer general health and nutritional services to promote improved health and wellbeing. Call us today at our clinic in Phoenix to schedule your consultation.