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3 Week Program – Average loss of approximately 15lbs

6 Week Program – Average loss of approximately 25lbs

Your Results May Vary

Start with a personalized plan and medical supervision

Our weight loss programs offer medical management with accountability to ensure the highest success rate. Plans begin with lab work to rule out any hormone imbalance or nutrient deficiency. If either of those do exist, we will address those issues first, to make sure your body is working with you and not against you. With any weight loss plan, your overall health will always be our first consideration. 

*TeleMed appointments available, serving clients all over the U.S.

I couldn’t have done it without the support Sarah and the staff gave me! I have always felt welcomed into the office and am impressed with the level of complete customization I received. Arcadia Wellness Center has made my total health a priority and I feel fantastic!   -E. S.

A customized plan is created to fit each person’s needs.

No pre-packaged food, no gimmicks and no intense exercise! Consume healthy unprocessed food you can get at any grocery store. 

Are you like me? Always looking for the “right” program?  What if it’s not the program, but everything else that comes with it?

A diet is a diet, there are millions out there, and if you are like me, I have tried them all! Apps, prepping, message boards, but it all comes back to me, and how I am secretly sabotaging myself. What I love about the program at Arcadia Wellness Center is that I have the accountability, professional knowledge, and the support that managing a diet on my own doesn’t offer. Combined with actual lab work to see what is going on inside my body gives me the ability to work with a program that my body isn’t fighting! Long term success has never been easier!

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No suffering, extreme willpower, or synthetic foods. We address the root cause of your weight for a safe, efficient weight loss, allowing for long term results.

HCG 6 week diet results

This sample is a real person after a 6 week program. Results are individual per person, we make no guarantees as to the response of your metabolism or body composition. Compliance to the program plays a large part in results, as well as individual body chemistry. 

We Can Help You Too!

Sarah is amazing!  I had been trying to lose weight in my own for 3 months and not seeing any results. On top of that I had high BP and low energy levels.
Sarah and her team were great! Helped me get my hormone and vitamin levels up and OHHh and I lost 20lbs and counting!
If you are struggling with energy and weight don’t go at it alone. Invest in yourself and go see Dr. Quinn medicine Woman!   -Kaitlyn M

Change your relationship with food

and take control of your life.

I just had my first appointment at Arcadia Wellness Center with Sarah NP and I was so happy about the care I received and the plan of care I was given. Sarah was so kind and sweet and extremely knowledgeable. I felt comfortable talking to her about my concerns and she was so positive and enthusiastic about the outcomes I could achieve. I was greeted by a warm welcome at the front desk and offered water which I always love. The office is very nice and in a very convenient location. I highly recommend for hormone replacement and weight management.   -Ashleigh O.

I worked with Sarah to reach my weight goals. I found the team and specifically, Sarah, really fantastic to work at Arcadia Wellness Center (AWC). Sarah listened to me and was responsive any time I had a question about my (weight-loss) medication, nutrition, and/or exercise routine we created for my weight loss program. As a result, I was able to lose most of the weight from my medication regime and feel like I will be able to lose all of the extra weight with the skills I gained working with Sarah and the team at AWC. Since working with Sarah and losing my extra weight, I feel like myself again. I feel much more energetic, confident, and hopeful in my ability to achieve my goals.   -S. Q.