How Stem Cell Growth Factors Can Improve Your Skin

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Stem cells have been in the headlines for decades due to the many medical possibilities they represent. In recent years, more and more medical treatments harness the power of stem cells to help with healing, cell repair and tissue growth. One of the reasons stem cells are so valuable is their ability to create growth factors that hold the key to cellular regeneration and repair, including skin cells. Stem cell growth factors have become an effective product for skin rejuvenation, and we have it available at Arcadia Wellness Center.

What Are Stem Cell Growth Factors ?

Simply put, growth factors are large proteins that have the job of telling cells what to do. They send messages to the cells and unlock their ability to repair, regenerate and grow. All cells use and create growth factors, including the skin. Growth factors can communicate to skin cells to make more collagen or elastin, to replicate or do many other functions. All cells make growth factors, but by your late twenties, these proteins begin faltering in their effectiveness to manage cell health.

Stem cell grow factors are growth factors that are created from stem cells and can mimic your own skin cell growth factors. When introduced to your skin cells, growth factors can restore the rejuvenation process. These growth factors can initiate higher collagen and elastin production in the skin, resulting in a thicker and smoother appearance. Cells can heal and repair, resulting in more youthful-appearing skin.

While you will see over-the-counter products that list growth factors as an ingredient, there are many different types of growth factors. Some are synthetic, others are derived from plants. Not all work the same, especially when it comes to skin cell rejuvenation. Stem cell growth factors are designed to mimic your own growth factors, achieving the most reliable results for improving your skin.

Stem Cell Growth Factor Treatments in Phoenix

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer quality, professional stem cell growth factor treatments for aging skin. We use our stem cell growth product in our liquid face lifts, for frown lines, hair rejuvenation and in our wrinkle treatments. To learn more about growth factor treatments to improve the health and youthfulness of your skin and hair, contact our clinic in Phoenix to schedule a consultation.