Improve Your Quality of Life with Pain Management

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Chronic pain affects an estimated 20% or more of the population, changing the quality of life for those who suffer from this condition. Almost every aspect of their life is diminished, from the amount of sleep they get each night to affecting their concentration and mood. If you are one of the millions suffering from chronic pain, finding a pain management treatment plan can help you enjoy a higher quality of life.

Chronic pain comes in many forms. One of the most common forms is lower back pain and sciatica. However, migraines, joint disorders (TMJ, knee, hip), neck pain and fibromyalgia are all forms of chronic pain. It is more than just an occasional ache – it is overpowering and unrelenting pain, making your days, and nights, miserable. There is even evidence that chronic pain can change the brain, causing dysfunction and damage over time.

With pain management, you can find relief and take back control of your life. You can sleep better, have more energy and improve your daily interactions with the important people in your life with treatments that alleviate your pain. You can even have better cognitive function – damage to the brain from chronic pain can be repaired and reverted to normal function once pain is effectively managed.

Pain Management Options

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we understand the impact chronic pain has on our patients. We want to help find solutions to give control back to our patients, not letting them be ruled pain. We offer many different options for managing pain.

By controlling pain and inflammation with medications and learning natural options to manage pain, you can improve your daily outlook. When the right combination of treatments is used, you can enjoy your life without discomfort. Your personal and professional life can improve drastically with just a few visits to Arcadia Wellness Center for pain management treatment.

Phoenix Pain Management Clinic

Sarah Quinn, our nurse practitioner, offers personalized pain management treatment for our patients. If you have been searching for an answer to controlling your chronic pain, come in for a consultation with Sarah Quinn. She will listen to your concerns and evaluate your condition to find the best approach to managing your pain to help improve your quality of life. Call our office in Phoenix to schedule your appointment for a pain management evaluation.