Improve Your Skin with Microneedling

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Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, scars or uneven pigment on your skin? While there are many cosmetic options to treat these common signs of aging and damaged skin, most rely on injections or synthesized products. Microneedling can be a wonderful treatment solution that uses your skin’s own healing properties to fight aging or damage and improve the beauty of your skin.

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like – tiny needles piercing the skin. However, there is no reason to fear this treatment. It is not painful, only mildly uncomfortable. These are micro-needles that are so small that they only make a miniscule break in the skin. But it is these tiny punctures that induces the skin to create collagen and elastin to repair the small wounds.

Microneedling is also referred to collagen induction therapy, causing the skin to produce more collagen. As the skin ages, it loses collagen and reduces production. Collagen and elastin are what keeps youthful skin soft and smooth. As collagen and elastin wane with age, the skin begins to breakdown, causing changes in texture, color and the beginning of wrinkles. Microneedling gives the skin a reason to make more collagen – while healing the micro-punctures, the skin becomes more youthful with the higher levels of collagen. Some issues microneedling can treat include:



Acne scars


Uneven tone or texture

There are no drugs or injections needed; the treatments only require a quick office visit. The skin will be red after the treatment while it heals, but recovery is quick. You will begin seeing a healthier glow to your skin right away and results continue to appear over the following weeks as the higher levels of collagen heal the skin. It can be beneficial to do additional treatments several weeks apart to continue the production of collagen in your skin.

Phoenix Microneedling Treatments

If you are interested in naturally improving the beauty and health of your skin, call us at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix. Sarah Quinn offers microneedling sessions and other cosmetic services to help fight aging and enhance the health of your skin. Call today to schedule a skin consultation.