Are you plagued with extra fat under your chin? Many people retain fat deposits below their chin, creating the infamous double-chin. Although you may not be overweight, this predisposition to store fat below your chin can make your face look heavy, older and less defined. However, there is a new non-invasive cosmetic procedure to combat the double-chin: Kybella injections.

Double-chins are not limited to any gender, age or weight group. Young, fit men can have excess fat under their chin, affecting the masculinity of their jaw line. Both older and younger women can also notice a bulge under their chin, giving them a chubby face. Before Kybella, liposuction or a neck lift was the only option to remove these pockets of fat. Diet and exercise are not always effective, especially if you are already height/weight proportionate. Now with Kybella, you can have a trim, defined chin, without surgery.

How Do Kybella Injections Work?

Kybella injections are a newest option to fight the appearance of a double-chin. This injectable medication is a synthetic version of a biological agent called deoxycholic acid that breaks down fat or lipids in the system. When this agent is injected into the fat deposits under the chin, it works by bursting the fat cell membranes. This eliminates the cells while the fat is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and body.  Kybella is a targeted treatment that can reduce the appearance of a double-chin, giving back definition to the chin and jaw area.

Kybella treatments are completed in singular appointments at least a month apart. Multiple treatments can be needed to completely remove a double-chin, usually between two and four.  These injections are quick and virtually painless, with no downtime needed after the appointment.  There are few side effects; most are from the injections, with a slight tenderness or swelling at the treatment area.

Kybella is the only injectable double-chin treatment approved by the FDA. Men and women of all ages can use this non-invasive injectable treatment to reduce the fat under their chin without surgery. No liposuction or neck lift is needed – just quick, discreet injections to remove the fat hiding under your chin. 

Kybella Injections in Phoenix

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