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Our Team

Sarah Quinn, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Quinn is the owner and medical director of Arcadia Wellness Center. It was her desire to deliver a higher level of individualized care to her patients that inspired her to launch her own wellness center. Empowering people to live fuller, healthier lives through a personalized, whole-person approach is her passion and the mission of Arcadia Wellness Center.

“It’s all about serving my patients better.”

Sarah has over 13 years of combined experience as a registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner. Her experience working in both hospital and clinic settings gives her a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of her patients. She has extensive experience treating patients dealing with chronic pain and hormone imbalances. Cosmetic and aesthetic enhancements have also been part of her practice for over a decade.

At Arcadia Wellness Center, you will never feel rushed or lacking in attention. Sarah allows plenty of time in each visit for her to fully connect with her patients and get to know them as individuals. There will always be time for you to ask questions and share your concerns. Your wellness plan will be one-of-a-kind, personally created to meet your specific needs and deliver success.

A graduate of Grand Canyon University, Arizona is Sarah’s home. She is a wife and mother, as well as the beloved owner of two border terriers. She experiences a high quality of life and wellness and wants her patients to share in that experience with her.

Tasha Wright, RN

Registered Nurse

She has experience in Neurological ICU and as a private RN for a prominent plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Scottsdale, Az.

Tasha is certified as a Cosmetic and Aesthetics nurse, Botox/Fillers/Collagen Induction Micro-Needling, and advanced catheter use for injectables. She has attended the PCA Skin Biology and Chemical Peel Seminar, Allergan’s Duet Injector Training Program, EPIC Lip and Perioral Injection training, Fundamentals and Clinical Applications of IV Nutritional Therapy, Suneva Bellafill Injector training program, and Allergan’s Master Injector course just to name a few.

Tasha is recognized for her passion and precision in administering Injectables and Fillers.

Robert Magallanez, RN

Registered Nurse

Robert Magallanez has over 12 years of experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy. He holds an associates in nursing from Gateway College, and has been attending hormone conferences since 2012 in order stay up to date with the most recent treatment options in hormone therapy and regenerative medicine.

He takes an over-all approach to optimizing the body and mind. He uses proper blood work, vitamins, hormones, and supplements in order to enhance the lives of his patients. He has a true passion for improving health and wellness. Robert loves to spend time with family, friends, and the golf course.

Chesney Harris, RN

Registered Nurse

Chesney Harris has over a decade of expertise in cosmetic aesthetics. She has been certified in laser and cosmetology for 13 years and completed her Nursing degree at Chamberlain University. She is currently attending GCU for her Master’s in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner. Chesney has a passion for aesthetic medicine and has honed her skills in a wide array of techniques including laser, light-based systems, cryolipolysis, and radiofrequency treatments. Chesney’s innovation comes through in her formalized and implemented treatment techniques, ensuring optimal aesthetic outcomes. She goes above and beyond for her patients by prioritizing both aesthetic excellence and safety.

Anais Bon

Aesthetician and Cosmetic Laser Technician

Anais received her Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University and shortly after, her Certificate of Completion from the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics.

She is a fully licensed esthetician and cosmetic laser technician with over five years of experience as a skin specialist and continues to learn new techniques from some of the most highly skilled professionals in the business.

Anais specializes in skin resurfacing, serum skin infusions, exfoliating facials, laser hair removal, and IPL treatments.

Nayda Falette, BSB, MSHA

Office Administrator

Nayda Falette is the Office Administrator of Arcadia Wellness Center with over fourteen years of experience in the medical industry. With a Bachelor’s of Business from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Grand Canyon University, Nayda is committed to serving the Phoenix community.

Her experience comes from managing other pain management and hormone treatment clinics, in addition to outpatient treatment center settings. She is devoted to helping enhance the lives of others through better quality care. She is a strong believer in continuous quality improvement standards that help elevate the standard of care to ensure patient safety as well as an exceptional patient experience.