Never Shave Again with Laser Hair Removal

Razor bumps or rashes. The stubble on your legs, armpits and bikini area. Shaving for hair removal has many downsides and it takes constant work to keep up with maintenance. If you are tired of the drawbacks of shaving or waxing, it may be time for permanent laser hair removal. Spring is the perfect time to get your body ready for summer with laser hair removal treatments at Arcadia Wellness Center.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser light energy can impact the cells in the skin, including the hair follicles. By using the right setting with a skin laser device, hair follicles can be disabled, stopping them from producing hair. The treatment is not painful; our skin technician will use a handheld device to treat the skin in the desired area to impact the hair follicles. Each treatment usually takes 20-30 minutes – the length of time depends on the size of the area treated. Some of the common areas treated with laser hair removal include:

  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Chest

Laser hair removal does need more than one treatment for permanent hair removal. Your body hair grows in cycles. Every few weeks hair follicles grow hair, then they are dormant for a few weeks, then they begin to grow again. Not all hair follicles are growing hair at the same time, so you will need at least 2-3 treatments over several weeks to affect all the hair follicles in the desired area. However, once the treatment is done, you will not need to wax or shave again to keep your skin hair-free.

Invest in Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are an investment, but they can save you so much time and even money in the long run. No more buying razors and shaving gel or making appointments for waxing. Plus, you have the confidence of knowing you are ready to slip into a swimsuit or any outfit without needing to shave first.

If you want to experience your first summer without shaving daily or heading for a wax every few weeks, contact us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We have pain-free, permanent hair loss with our advanced laser treatments. Call today to schedule your appointment.