Post-COVID-19 Recovery: Take Back Your Health

As of the end of July, there have been almost a million cases of COVID-19 in Arizona. Many people have experienced this virus and suffered the effects on their health and immune system. There still is so much that is not known about COVID-19 and what the long-term effects are on health. Those that survive the infection may have lasting impacts on their health. If you have had COVID-19, there are ways to boost your health and immune system. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer post-COVID-19 recovery services to help you take back your health.

Post-COVID recovery is different for each person. Some people have few if any symptoms and seem to bounce back quickly. Others experience ups and downs for weeks, even months, with symptoms varying from respiratory problems to fatigue, weakness and pain. Long-term symptoms after COVID-19 can also include cognitive and psychological symptoms including memory loss, concentration issues, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders. Replenishing lost nutrients can help the body recover faster and help boost the immune system to ward off other illnesses.

Immunity IV Therapy

One of the quickest ways to deliver nutrients to your body is through IV therapy. At AWC, we offer IV therapy options to boost immunity for patients in post-COVID recovery. Introducing fluids, vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream offers better absorption by bypassing the digestive system. The sessions take less than an hour and many of our clients notice improvements in their symptoms and overall wellness after their first IV therapy treatment.

Nutritional Supplements

Anytime your body suffers illness, it can be depleted in nutrients. COVID-19 infections can put stress on your body’s cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems, using reserves of your stored nutrients. During post-COVID recovery and for long-term health, nutritional supplements can give the body optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. At AWC, we offer nutrient testing to gauge your current health and a customized supplement program for your specific health needs.

Recovering from COVID-19 can be a long process. Give your body the nutrients and hydration it needs is important for faster recovery. To learn more about our post-COVID recovery services or to schedule an appointment, call our clinic in Phoenix.