Have you heard of PDO thread lifts for anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits? Thread lifting is not a new technique, but it has been vastly improved in recent years. Thread lifting has been used for many years, mainly derived from its popularity in South Korea. However, older techniques required surgery, had more risks and possible complications. With PDO thread lifts, you can enjoy the benefits of elevating and improving sagging skin without surgery risks or the downtime.

What Is PDO Thread Lifting?

Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifting is a technique that uses PDO threads to lift and elevate sagging skin and tissue. Using a needle, these threads are inserted into the skin and are used to anchor the skin in an elevated position. Not only does this create effects similar to a face lift or other type of surgical lift, it has rejuvenating effects on the skin. The immediate results are lifted skin to reverse sagging, but the ongoing effects include increased collagen production for improved skin elasticity and volume, as well as skin tightening due to contraction of fat tissue.

PDO threads do not need to be removed. They dissolve in about 6-8 months and are eliminated by the body. However, even after the threads are gone, the effects of the procedure are sustained. The improved collagen levels and cellular regeneration continue to lift and improve the skin for months after the threads dissolve.

Where Can PDO Thread Lifts Be Used?

The most popular area to use PDO thread lifts is on the face – the skin on the brow, midface, jowls and neck can all be lifted and rejuvenated using the thread lifting procedure. There are also other areas that can benefit for PDO thread lifts. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer PDO thread lifting for the following areas:

  • Midface/Jowls
  • Brows
  • Neck
  • Décolletage or upper chest
  • Butt
  • Arms

If you have mild to moderate sagging skin and want to restore a more youthful appearance, come visit us at Arcadia Wellness Center to discuss PDO thread lifts. This non-invasive procedure requires no downtime and can have almost immediate results to rejuvenate your face or body. Contact our clinic in Phoenix to schedule your consultation.