Spring is often a time for gearing up your fitness routine, especially with outside sports. The temperatures are perfect for doing your cardio outdoors, from improving your time on your next 5K to crushing your opponents on the tennis court. Keeping active is important to your health, but it is not without risk of injury. When you strain your shoulder or back muscles trying to make that shot on the court, or twist your knee during your run, you need options to help give you pain relief and quicken your recovery from your sports injuries.

Muscle Pain Relief

When a muscle is injured it can become a trigger point. This is a small area of muscles that are tender and sensitive to the touch. This occurs when the muscles do not relax after they contract, a scenario that can occur from a sport’s injury. Most commonly trigger points occur in the back, shoulders and neck, causing pain and limited mobility.

Trigger-point injections can offer relief from these painful, cramped muscle areas. A medication is injected into the trigger point, such as a non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID). This is used to relax the muscles and stop the spasm to give relief from these types of sports injuries.

Joint Injury Pain Management and Recovery

Whether you have tennis elbow or the common knee injury, joints are often the point of sport injuries. Twist or extend the joint too far and it can damage the cartilage, tendons or muscles, causing pain, inflammation and loss of mobility. While RICE can help -rest, ice, compress and elevate – recovery can be excruciatingly long. Joint injections can help speed recovery, especially those that stimulate healing like stem cell and PRP injections.

PRP and stem cell injections are similar in that both use biological factors to help your body heal faster. PRP is platelet rich plasma that is derived from your own blood, with growth and healing factors that can help your body repair itself quicker. Stem cell injections use stem cells from purified human amniotic fluid to stimulate quicker repair and healing of the tissues. Both can help joint injuries recover quicker and restore function.

Treatments for Sports Injuries in Phoenix

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer many pain management options for sports injuries, including trigger-point, PRP and stem cell injections. If you are recovering from a sports injury and want to speed healing and reduce pain, schedule an appointment at our clinic.