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Remove Eye Bags and Look Refreshed with Plasma Pen Treatments

Dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes are some of the most frustrating facial issues. Even when you feel young and energetic, eye bags can make you look old and tired. Thinning and sagging skin from aging, along with genetics, can result in those annoying eye bags that refuse to go away with most topical treatments. The good news is there is finally an effective, non-surgical treatment for eye bags, and we offer it at Arcadia Wellness Center – the plasma pen.

What Is a Plasma Pen?

The plasma pen is a hand-held aesthetic device that harnesses the heat and abilities of plasma to impact the skin and tissue. The controlled heat can be used to tighten and shorten fibers in the skin, creating a tightening impact. This device is effective for working on the delicate skin on the eyelids that is prone to thinning, stretching and sagging.

Eye Bag Removal Treatment

The plasma pen treatment for eye bag removal is highly effective for tightening skin below the eyes and smoothing away bags. A topical anesthetic is used to ensure comfort for our clients while the procedure is performed. The plasma heat creates small bursts that leave a small dot on the skin, a minor injury that stimulates contraction and repair of the skin. Multiple dots are applied to the undereye area during treatment to smooth and tighten the skin.

The undereye area will be swollen with visible dots after the treatment. The swelling dissipates in about 48 hours and the “dots” will flake off in about a week.

While there is some downtime with plasma pen eye bag removal, the results are stunning. The skin is tighter, and puffiness is minimized to make your eyes and face look refreshed. This is an alternative to eyelid lift surgery or blepharoplasty, which is much more invasive and expensive.

If you have eye bags that are making you look years older and exhausted all the time, give us a call at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer cosmetic solutions to reduce the appearance of eye bags, including our plasma pen treatment. Call our office in Phoenix to schedule your appointment