Reveal Kissable Lips with Kysse Injections

While most of us have been hiding our lips under masks for over a year, it is time to finally reveal them to the world. If your mask was hiding thinner lips or small lines around your mouth, there is no reason to hide your lips any longer. Kysse by Restylane is the perfect lip filler injection that can add gorgeous volume to your lips and smooth away any lip lines that make your pucker look older. Proudly reveal stunning, kissable lips with a visit to Arcadia Wellness Center for your Kysse injection treatment.

What Makes Kysse Lip Filler Different?

Like many dermal fillers, Kysse lip filler is made from hyaluronic acid. The difference is in the formula, which is designed specifically for adding volume in and around the lips. Dermal fillers are wonderful for adding volume under the skin to fill in lines or contour the face, but many are too stiff for the lips. Kysse is formulated to allow natural movement and flexibility in the lips – you want to be able to actually kiss with those beautiful lips – and it looks and feels natural.

The Kysse formula uses XpresHAn Technology™ that allows the hyaluronic acid filler to move and stretch like natural tissue. It binds perfectly to the lip tissue and adds the beautiful volume needs to plump lips and smooth out lip lines. The injections provide immediate volume to lips and skin with results that can last up to a year.

Our expert injectable specialists at Arcadia Wellness Center can create gorgeous lips in a quick session at our clinic in Phoenix. Many of our clients come in for filler treatments on their lunch hour – there is no recovery time needed and you can go back to your normal activities right after your appointment.

Call Today to Get Kissable Lips with Kysse Lip Filler

It is wonderful to be able to see everyone’s smiles again. If you want to enhance your lips or make them look years younger, Kysse injections may be the right treatment for you. To schedule a lip consultation to learn more about Kysse lip filler or to book your service, call our office to make your appointment.