Transgender Care Services

Feeling comfortable with your appearance is important for your self-confidence and emotional well-being. For many transgender men and women, the reflection they see in the mirror does not match their true identity. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer services for masculinization and feminization to help achieve outward appearances to match their true inner selves. We offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT), electrolysis and facial contouring at our facility in Phoenix.

Transgender HRT

Hormones like testosterone and estrogen play an important role in sex characteristics. Transgender hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can begin the transformation to masculinize or feminize certain face and body characteristics. By increasing levels of certain hormones, the body will respond by enhancing certain traits. Our HRT expert can perform testing to determine the correct treatment plan to achieve the desired results.

HRT Feminization

Changing the levels of estrogen and progesterone can impact female traits. Transgender women can use HRT to accomplish feminization. With ongoing HHRT, our clients can realize feminization changes in breast tissue, facial hair growth, muscle/fat distribution, libido and male sex organs to align closer to their gender identity. Some changes, like the growth of breast tissue or changes in sex organs, can be permanent.

HRT Masculinization

Testosterone is the key hormone that contributes to male sex traits. Transgender men can increase male characteristics through HRT masculinization. Increasing testosterone can spur facial/body hair growth, increase muscle mass, increase libido, deepen voice, increase clitoris size and create a more masculine facial structure.

Transgender Cosmetic Treatments

In addition to transgender HRT, other treatments can help masculinize or feminize certain traits, especially on the face. Botox, facial fillers and other cosmetic services can enhance certain features to create a more feminine or masculine appearance. We offer several treatments for our transgender clients at AWC that can help transition their outer appearance to match their gender identity.


Masculine facial characteristics include a more prominent jaw and chin. Even the nose can impact the masculinity of the face. Our cosmetic injection experts can use dermal fillers to perform masculinity facial contouring to enhance the chin, jaw and other features to create a more masculine appearance.

Facial Feminization

Many transgender women desire a more delicate and sculpted facial appearance. Using cosmetic treatments, astounding facial feminization can be achieved. Some of the possible treatments for creating a feminine facial appearance include:

  • Masseter reduction. Slimming the jaw can feminize the face, creating a more heart-shaped appearance. Botox injections can produce masseter reduction, a shrinking of the large jaw muscles.
  • Facial contouring. Facial fillers can be used to soften cheeks and add contours to enhance female characteristics.
  • Lip enhancement. Dermal fillers can plump lips for a fuller, more feminine appearance.

Masculinity Facial Contouring

Hair growth is related to gender characteristics. We offer laser hair removal or electrolysis to permanently disable hair follicles. This can be used to remove facial, chest, back, leg or stomach hair for transgender women desiring smooth, hairless facial and body skin.