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Why Women Choose Troches for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

bio-identical hormone therapy

When faced with symptoms of hormonal changes, bio-identical hormone therapy is the most natural and effective way to bring women’s hormones back into balance. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t just about mood swings and hot flashes. Low hormone levels in women can increase their risk of heart attack, have negative effects on their sexual relationships, help prevent osteoporosis and rejuvenate your skin’s softness and youthful appearance.

Forms of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Delivery

When hormones are delivered in pill form they are exposed to digestive acids, enzymes, and metabolism they are directly filtered through the liver. This process places an excess burden on the liver that could potentially do more harm than good. Liver toxicity could increase; gull bladder disease becomes prevalent and additional health issues could occur.

Exposing the liver to an excess number of hormones hinders the natural progression of absorption. The liver adjusts for the increase and immediately begins to counteract the effect. The result can lead to worsening conditions, or impact cortisol levels, the thyroid and more. The changes that occur within the body can also lead to low blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and even affect your mood.

Other viable options for HTR include injections and trans dermal delivery. However, each method comes with disadvantages. Patches that deliver medication through the skin have gained popularity over the past decade while creams, suppositories and troches that bypass the digestive tract are more successful.

Why We Use Troches for Hormone Replacement

Using troches for hormone replacement have made a comeback because of their efficient absorption of medications, most notably hormones. Troches are the obvious option based on convenience and safety because our mouth offers an ideal location.  The lining of the mouth is thin and blood supply is ample, making absorption highly effective. Troches are consumed through small lozenges that absorb through the blood stream by dissolving inside the mouth.

The result is a natural progression of hormone absorption. Moreover, because troches are equivalently administered, the body recognizes this as a naturally occurring process. This process effectively circulates throughout the body bypassing the digestive tract making the effectiveness, consistency and benefits troches a more valuable option to regulate hormones.

Symptoms of perimenopause and menopause can be daunting. Night sweats, mood swings, low sexual drive and not being able to get a good night’s rest become a routine that dampens your ability to lead a full and happy life. Your hormones are working against you and finding a solution to help alleviate the symptoms can help significantly. Schedule a consultation today to discuss how bio-identical hormone therapy can help you live a fuller, more vibrant life.