IV drip therapy has become very popular – it is a great way to rehydrate and quickly replace lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the body. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer multiple different IV drip therapy options to both replenish nutrients and fluids in the body and to detoxify the body from harmful elements like heavy metals. Many different people can benefit from IV drips for multiple reasons. Here are some of the reasons to consider IV drip therapy.

Improve Immunity

Over the last year, a big emphasis has been put on the importance of a healthy immune system. Your body needs the right balance of nutrients to support the different organs that help fight off viruses, bacteria infections, illness and disease. Occasional immunity IV drip therapy can ensure your body has the nutrients it needs for optimal health and a strong immune system.

After-Exercise Hydration and Recovery

Living in Arizona is reason enough to be aware of proper hydration. If you are active, you need to ensure your body is getting the fluids and nutrients it needs to maintain hydration and improve recovery. Whether you ran a marathon or went on a long hike in the desert, an IV drip can replenish your body for a quicker recovery.

IV Chelation Therapy

Mercury, lead and other heavy metals can be stored in your body and impact your health. IV chelation therapy can detoxify the body and help you regain your health, energy and vitality. We offer heavy metal testing to determine if chelation therapy is right for you.

Morning-After Recovery

Did you have a late-night out with friends? Drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate the body and leave you feeling tired and hungover. If you want to bounce back quicker, IV drip therapy can give your body the fluids and nutrients it needs to flush out the after-effects of abiding in too many glasses of wine or your favorite cocktails.

Overall Wellness and Energy

An occasional IV drip session can help you revive your energy and keep your body healthy. We can perform nutritional lab testing to determine if you are low on any key nutrients to customize your IV drip, or you can use a general wellness and vitality drip to boost your energy.

Almost anyone who wants to improve their health can benefit from routine IV drips, but those with specific deficiencies or toxicity can notice the biggest benefits. To learn more about IV drip therapy, contact our team at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix to schedule a wellness consultation.