5 Cosmetic Treatments for Quick Results


When you have an important event approaching, you want quick options to look your best. Whether you are heading on vacation or have a class reunion, there are treatments that can make your skin glow and minimize the effects of time. While there are many cosmetic treatments that can improve your appearance, many require several weeks, even months, to see the results. If you want quick options that can improve your skin and overall look, here are five treatments to consider when you want fast results.

Vi Peel

Refresh your face with a quick chemical peel. Arcadia Wellness Center offers Vi Peel, a medical-grade peel that can revitalize the skin cells, reducing the signs of damaged skin. There is little downtime, giving you expedient results.

Plump Those Lips

Juvederm filler injections can give your lips a sultry, plump appearance in one visit, yet the results can last for up to nine months. This can help lips look younger, reducing lip lines and wrinkles for a sexy mouth.

Smooth Fine Lines

If you want to smooth away fine lines on your face, consider Belotero injections. Belotero mimics the natural texture of the skin for flawless results. For deeper lines, such as nasolabial lines around the nose and mouth, Restylane Refyne injections are a perfect solution.

Erase Frown Lines

Botox is one of the best options to remove the “11” between your brows and soften your frown lines on your forehead. The results can take a few days to appear, but the smooth brow can last several months.

Hair Removal

Are you heading on vacation or to a pool party? Make your body smooth and hair-free with laser hair removal. A quick procedure can be the beginning of permanent hair removal – you will notice smoother, hairless skin in the treated area within a week.


Quick Cosmetic Treatments in Phoenix

When you want to get a quick makeover for an important event, or just to pamper yourself, come see us at Arcadia Wellness Center. We offer many cosmetic treatments that can improve your skin and appearance in as little as one visit. Ask us about our cosmetic injections and laser treatments that can help your skin look its best in as little as one visit to our office in Phoenix.