5 Myths About Facial Filler Injections

Facial fillers have evolved and improved over the years – the facial fillers used today can accomplish incredible, natural-looking results. However, many people have unfounded notions about facial fillers, from possible side effects to how the treatment is performed. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we have talented cosmetic injection specialists that can create gorgeous effects with facial fillers – here are five myths we want to debunk about facial filler injections.

1. Fillers Will Make My Skin/Lips Look “Puffy”

While it is true there can be a small amount of swelling from facial injections, this is from the injection, not the filler. Any swelling quickly dissipates, and the right filler injected by one of our injection experts will provide smooth volume to the treated area.

2. The Results Will Not Look Natural

You probably see people every day with filler injections, yet you have no idea they had this subtle cosmetic treatment. When performed by a qualified technician, facial filler injections look very natural – it is your skin, just with more volume.

3. Filler Injections are Painful

There is very little discomfort from facial filler injections. Most facial fillers include lidocaine to numb the skin and the micro-cannulas used for the injections penetrate the skin easily – a topical numbing agent can also be used to eliminate any pain.

4. Fillers Need to Be Repeated Every Few Months

Some people believe that facial fillers require high maintenance. While some cosmetic injections do only last a few months (Botox is an example), most facial fillers last much longer. In fact, we have fillers that can last for up to 5 years!

5. Facial Filler Injections are All the Same

There is a large difference in the types of fillers available – they certainly do not all work the same or obtain the same results. Plus, it is vital to have a highly-trained and qualified professional performing the injections to get the desired effect. At AWC, we offer a wide variety of fillers design for different applications and our injection specialist creates incredible, natural-looking results.

Facial fillers can add volume that can smooth away wrinkles, plump lips or add youthful contours to your face. If you want to learn the facts about facial filler injections and how they can benefit your appearance, schedule a cosmetic injection consultation at our clinic in Phoenix.