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5 Reasons to Contour Your Body with Evolve

Have you been working your butt off at the gym trying to achieve the body shape you desire? Diet and exercise are at the core of any fitness or body shaping regimen, but they can only do so much. Many people get frustrated when they cannot seem to achieve the six-pack abs they desire or there are areas of resistant fat that refuse to burn away. Sometimes your body needs a little outside help to be reshaped, which is where Evolve radiofrequency and electromagnetic treatments can help. Evolve can help you tone, tighten and trim your body to achieve the next level of body contouring.  Here are five reasons to contour your body with Evolve.

  1. Genetics. How you build muscle, store fat and age all are impacted by genetics. You can do the same diet and exercise routine as someone else and get different results due to genetics. Evolve helps overcome your genetic hurdles to get the body you desire.
  2. Targeted fat removal. When you burn fat, you do not get to decide what fat your body will use. You may want to shrink your abdomen, but your body takes the fat from your buttocks or breasts. Evolve Trim treatments let you shrink specific fatty areas to reshape your body.
  3. Tighten specific muscles. It can be difficult to strengthen and tighten a specific muscle group. The Evolve Tite treatment can stimulate muscle contraction to strengthen the targeted muscles to obtain the results you desire.
  4. Improve skin tone. Diet and exercise will not change your skin’s appearance if it is beginning to sag or wrinkle. Evolve Tone treatments can remodel the skin and increase collagen production to create more youthful, toned skin on your body.
  5. Reduce cellulite. Even fit or thin individuals can have cellulite and it does not go away with diet and exercise alone. The Trim treatment on the Evolve system can reduce the appearance of mild cellulite.

Make your fitness and diet efforts pay off with the help of Evolve treatments. If you have trouble areas you want to improve, consider trying body and skin contouring with Evolve. Contact us at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix to schedule an Evolve consultation or treatment.