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Are You Ready to Try Medical Weight Loss?

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If you have been spending this summer wearing long shirts, skirts or coverups to hide a belly, thighs or butt you want reduced, it is time to find a more permanent solution. Weight loss is hard – and what works for one person does not always seem to have the same effects for everyone. If you are tired of fighting the battle of the bulge alone, it is time to try medical weight loss to get the results you desire.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Most people who are carrying extra weight have tried to lose weight on their own. If you have tried different diets and exercise routines with limited success, you are not alone. Even programs like Weight Watchers that give guidance can only offer advice on what to eat and how much to move. However, medical weight loss goes beyond just a cookie-cutter approach to weight loss and offers a tailored program to assist your weight loss efforts.

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we focus on overall health for our patients. When it comes to our medical weight loss program, we start by evaluating your specific medical, health and dietary needs. A blood test is performed to determine if any hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies could be impacting your weight loss efforts. Many men and women gain weight due to a slow metabolism caused by a hormonal issue – if that is the case, we offer hormone therapy that can restore balance and may facilitate quicker weight loss. The same is true of nutritional deficiencies – not only can these be detrimental to your health, they can impact your metabolism and weight loss efforts.

Beyond ensuring you have the right balance of hormones and nutrients, our medical weight loss program is customized to give you the support you need. We offer medical options that can help reduce appetite, accelerate fat burning, improve energy levels and give your body nutritional support. Injections of HCG, B12, B-complex and fat burners can help accelerate your weight loss efforts, helping you achieve the results you desire faster and easier.

Phoenix Medical Weight Loss Experts

If this summer has convinced you it is time to finally shed those extra pounds, schedule a medical weight loss consultation at Arcadia Wellness Center. We can offer you the medical tools and support you need to help you finally achieve your weight loss goals.