Regulating testosterone levels through therapy can have many benefits for men. Through hormone replacement therapy, many men experience higher energy levels, improved mood, metabolism balance and many other health advantages. However, it is vital keep hormone levels stable, which can be easier to achieve with 90-day male hormone therapy treatments.

Advantages of 90-day Testosterone Injections

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer 90-day prescription hormone injections for our male patients with low testosterone. Not only is this more convenient than monthly or weekly injections, it can help ensure our patients keep stable testosterone levels for a longer period. With monthly injections, it is easy to get behind on your therapy. You may feel great, thinking you can wait another week or more. Before you know it, you begin experiencing the side effects of low testosterone, putting your health at risk.

With 90-day injections, you can stabilize your testosterone levels for a few months at a time. With only four visits to our office a year for injections, we find our patients are more apt to stay on their hormone therapy, giving them better results. Your hormones stay balanced, giving you improved vitality and health throughout the year without downward swings that can occur when you miss a weekly or monthly injection.

Not All Hormone Therapy Is the Same

While there may be many clinics that offer hormone injections for men experiencing low testosterone, not all offer the expertise that is available at Arcadia Wellness Center. Sarah Quinn, FNP, has many years of experience working with men with low testosterone and understands how this imbalance can negatively affect their health and quality of life. Using laboratory tests and clinical observations, Sarah can find the right hormone therapy to enhance your health and wellness, without the need to come in to our office every few weeks. We are one of the few clinics in the Phoenix, Arcadia area to offer 90-day testosterone injections, improving the stability and length of your hormone therapy treatments.

Are You Experiencing the Effects of Low Testosterone?

Men of all ages can have fluctuations in their testosterone levels. Most men begin to have a decrease in their thirties, but it can happen at any age. If you have noticed that you have less energy, mood swings, weight gain, thinning hair or just do not feel like yourself, you may be experiencing low testosterone. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a consultation – we may be able to help you feel like your old self again with 90-day male hormone therapy treatments.