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Have Your Lips Been Neglected?

2020 was the year of the eyes, mainly because they were the only facial feature you could see peeking out above the masks. While the masks will still be around for a while, you don’t want people to be shocked when you finally reveal your smile again. If your lips have been neglected while hiding behind a mask for the last year, it is time to give them some love in the New Year.

It is understandable that many people limited their treatments for lips during the year of the mask. But even though you wear a mask in public, you still want your lips to look plump, soft and beautiful. When you interact on Zoom or take a selfie, you still want to look your best. As we get closer to overcoming this pandemic, you want to be ready to reveal your lips and smile again in 2021 with advanced lip enhancements.

Give Your Lips a Makeover

Are your lips looking dry and wrinkled? Are they thin and flat? Whatever your lip complaint, there are treatments to bring out your best lips. Some you can do at home to keep your lips soft and supple; others we can perform here at Arcadia Wellness Center. Here are some ideas to help rejuvenate your lips and give them a makeover:

  • Exfoliate. Lips get dry and flaky, especially rubbing up against a mask all day. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week. Use a gentle exfoliate made for the lips or you can create a DIY sugar and oil mixture at home.
  • Moisturize your skin and lips. Your lips are covered and surrounded by skin that needs moisture. Come in for a AWC signature facial to care for your lips and skin.
  • Lip filler injections. Give your lips volume and definition with lip filler injections. Our filler injection pros can enhance your lips and smooth away fine lines with the right filler treatment.

If your lips are looking dull and lifeless under your mask, make an appointment for a lip makeover at Arcadia Wellness Center. We can give your lips the love they need to look their best once you can shed that mask for good. Call our office in Phoenix to schedule your lip consultation or treatment.