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Natural Lip Enhancement for Kissable Lips

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Lips are one of the most sensuous features on the face. Full, soft lips are desirable and are a beautiful asset to balance the facial features. If your lips have never been as full as you wish or you have lost volume in your lips as you aged, lip enhancement can give you the kissable pout you desire. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer natural-appearing lip enhancement that can improve the shape and fullness of your mouth for an attractive pucker and smile.

Dermal Fillers for Full Lips

The right dermal filler can give your lips the volume and shape you want to look youthful and attractive. With lip enhancement, it is important to use the right filler that will both look and feel natural for the best results. The skin on the lips is thinner, requiring fillers that use smaller particles for natural appearance and movement. With the right filler, volume is added, wrinkles are diminished and the overall shape is improved, while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Customized Approach to Lip Enhancement

Not everyone wants the same look for their lips. Our cosmetic experts at Arcadia Wellness Center understand that each of our patients is unique and not everyone wanting lip enhancement wants the same results. We take the time to listen to our patients and ask the right questions to determine the best option for lip enhancement.

For some of our patients, bigger is better and they want luscious, sexy lips. They may already have full lips but want a little extra volume to accentuate this feature. For others, a slight change is all they desire, just a small enhancement to balance their lips with their other features. There is not a right or wrong approach – we listen and adjust the lip enhancement treatment to create the look desired by our patient based on their wishes.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to get the kissable lips you desire. Contact our office to schedule a lip enhancement treatment. We promise to take the time to listen and understand the look you desire before we begin your treatment. Call today to schedule your appointment.