New Year’s Resolution: No More Shaving with Laser Hair Removal

Jan laser hair removal

Tired of shaving or waxing to keep your skin smooth and hair-free? For 2018, make a resolution to throw away your razors and cancel your waxing appointments with laser hair removal. Imagine the freedom of knowing your legs, armpits, back, chest or bikini area are always free of unwanted hair. With laser hair removal, you can save time and money on maintaining hair-free skin, as well as the discomfort that comes from temporary hair removal options.

Advantages of Investing in Laser Hair Removal

No doubt you have heard of laser hair removal, but for one reason or another you have not made the move to undergo this procedure. Most people are creatures of habit, and if you have shaved or waxed most of your life, you may not realize how much time or money you spend on keeping certain body parts free of hair. Yet, if you talk to those who have chose to have laser hair removal, the overwhelming response is how freeing it is not to worry about this hygiene process any longer. Here are some of the advantages many people experience when they finally decide to permanently remove unwanted hair:

  • More time. If you shave every day or even a few times a week, expect to realize a gain of 10-15 minutes every day you shave. For those that wax, no more driving to and from your salon or spa and the time it takes for the procedure.
  • Money savings. While there is an initial investment in laser hair removal, once the hair is gone, you will save money for the rest of your life. No razors or shaving gel to buy. No more waxing fees and tips to your spa or salon professional. In the long run, it costs less to stay hair-free with laser hair removal.
  • Never worry about whether your legs have stubble or if you need a bikini wax before heading to a pool party. You are ready to bare those legs, take off your shirt or put on your swimsuit at a moment’s notice.
  • Waxing and shaving are uncomfortable. Stop the burn and rashes that come from constantly removing your hair daily or every few weeks.

Professional Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix

At Arcadia Wellness Center, we can help you with your resolution to stop shaving and waxing with our laser hair removal services. Contact our clinic in Phoenix to schedule your consultation to begin experiencing the freedom laser hair removal can offer.