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Top 6 Signs of Low Testosterone

Many men experience low testosterone levels for a variety of reasons. Stress, illness, aging and environmental factors can all contribute to low testosterone. While testosterone is often equated with sex drive, it has a much larger impact on your health than just libido. Low testosterone can impact your lifespan and overall wellness. Your risk for death increases with lowered testosterone and your appearance, sex life and energy levels may be negatively affected. If you are a man in your late twenties or beyond and you no longer feel like yourself, you may be suffering from low testosterone. Here are the top six signs of low testosterone.

1. Fatigue

Do you run out of energy way before the day is over? Low energy and low testosterone go hand-in-hand. If you find yourself spending more time on the couch instead of enjoying the activities you once enjoyed, it may be related to your testosterone levels.

2. Weight Gain

Testosterone is important for regulating your metabolism. Normal testosterone levels help men maintain their muscle mass and it plays a big part in boosting metabolism. If you have gained weight without a major lifestyle change, it could be related to your hormone levels.

3. Libido or Erectile Dysfunction

Sex drive and testosterone are linked. Not only may you desire sex less often with low testosterone, but you may also experience erectile dysfunction when you are in the mood.

4. Depression or Anxiety

Are you feeling down or anxious for no apparent reason? Hormones can have a major impact on your mood – when they are out of balance, you may feel depressed or experience anxiety.

5. Hair loss or Balding

Is your hairline suddenly receding quickly or is your thinning on the top? It may not be normal aging; a decrease in testosterone could be causing your hair loss.

6. Loss of Strength or Muscle

Have you noticed your strength seems depleted or your body seems less toned? Losing muscle mass is a common symptom of decreased testosterone in men.

One of the symptoms can be related to other disorders, but when you have a few of these symptoms together, it is often due to low testosterone. The best way to know for sure is to receive hormone testing to determine if hormone therapy is right for you. Sarah Quinn, our medical director and nurse practitioner at AWC, is a highly respected hormone therapy expert. She has helped many of our male patients with low testosterone regain their energy, lean body, healthy sex life and overall wellness with testosterone therapy.

If you are concerned that you are suffering from low testosterone, do not wait to get tested. Hormone therapy could greatly improve your quality of life. Call us at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix to schedule your consultation.