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Benefits of Concierge Medical Care for Wellness

Many people are taking charge of their health and wellness and opting for customized medical care that meets their specific needs. Concierge Medical Care is becoming more common, offering more personalized options than the standard medical care options offered by most HMOs and insurance-driven medical practices. There are many benefits to seeking Concierge Medical Care options. Learn what it is and some of the advantages of this type of program.

What Is Concierge Medical Care?

Concierge Medical Care is a service offered by some medical practices or practitioners that provides a more inclusive set of options for medical care. There are different rules and stipulations for each program, but most offer access to more customized care options for a set fee or retainer. The idea is to give patients more direct access to their medical provider to ask questions, schedule appointments and receive more personalized care than a standard medical practice.

Advantages of Concierge Medical Care

Most people know the frustration of waiting for days, weeks or even months for a medical appointment or feeling like they are rushed through an appointment due to time restrictions. Concierge Medical Care offers patients the opportunity to have health care on their own terms. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer Concierge Medical Care for a monthly fee which gives our patients more options when it comes to their wellness visits. Some advantages of our program include:

  • All wellness and primary care visits are covered by the monthly fee
  • Patients have direct access to the practitioner – you can call or email Sarah Quinn, NP with any medical or wellness concerns
  • Expanded appointment times – after hours or weekend appointments are available
  • Perfect for anyone with a hectic, busy lifestyle that needs flexibility in their wellness care
  • Cost-effective – one set fee can be less expensive than paying for multiple appointments each month

If you are tired of medical care visits that seem rushed or make you work your schedule around appointment times, Concierge Medical Care may be perfect for you. To learn more about our convenient and cost-effective AWC Concierge Medical Care option, call our office for information.