Boost Your Wellness with an Immunity IV Drip

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Fall and winter are the key seasons for flus and colds that can impact your health and wellness. Bacterial and fungal illnesses are highly contagious and are spread quickly in schools, workplaces and public areas. The best defense against the many winter illnesses that can land you sick in bed is a strong immune system. When you need a quick boost to fight off illness, Arcadia Wellness Center can help with our Immunity IV drip.

How Do IV Drips Work?

IV drips for wellness offer a fast and effective infusion of nutrients for your body. Each “bag” contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids, depending on the treatment. Intravenous therapy or IV drips bypass the digestive system and deliver the liquid nutrients to the blood stream. This allows for quick absorption of the nutrients without interference of digestive issues. IV drips are wonderful for those who have a restricted diet or issues with digestive absorption of nutrients, offering a quick and effective option for directly receiving specific vitamins and minerals.

During an IV drip treatments, our clients are administered an IV and connected to the drip bag for their desired treatment. The process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish – you could have an IV trip treatment during an hour lunch break with time to spare.

Fight Off Illness with an Immunity IV Drip

There are different varieties of IV drips, some for increased energy or replenishing hydration. The Immunity IV drip contains nutrients that support your immune system, which may help your body fight off contagious illnesses like colds and flus. The Immunity IV drip includes ascorbic acid, vita complex, glutathione and other vitamins that can support a healthy immune system. Scheduling Immunity IV drip treatments throughout the fall and winter can give your body the nutrients needed for optimal health.

Phoenix  Vitamin IV Drip Treatments

If you want to boost your immune system or replenish lost nutrients after a marathon or night out on the town, Arcadia Wellness Center offers intravenous therapy at our clinic in Phoenix. We have Immunity and other varieties of vitamin IV drips available to help improve your health. Call us to schedule your Immunity IV drip this fall and winter to win the fight against winter illness.