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Does Metformin Really Offer Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Benefits?

It sounds too good to be true. A small pill that could help you lose those extra pounds and keep you younger longer? But many studies say that Metformin may have some amazing benefits for those wanting to look and feel their best as they get older. Here is what you need to know about this medication and the benefits it may provide.

What Is Metformin?

Metformin was FDA-approved to treat type 2 diabetes in 1995, but it has been used as an anti-diabetic drug in Europe since the 1950s. The drug is used to improve glucose tolerance and limit insulin resistance, two issues that occur in those that are pre-diabetic or with type 2 diabetes. These issues also tend to occur as you get older, contributing to weight gain and other aging factors.

One of the key factors in Metformin is the activation of AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinas), an enzyme that is important for processes in the body like fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake. It works similar to an anti-oxidant and increases energy at a cellular level, increasing fat burning, detoxifying and protection against oxidative stress. The combined benefits of Metformin on insulin resistance, weight loss and cell protection have spurred many studies on the effectiveness of Metformin as a weight loss and anti-aging medication.

Metformin for Weight Loss

There has been evidence that Metformin could result in weight loss for diabetic patients, but now some studies show that many people may receive these benefits. The improved insulin resistance and glucose tolerance combined with the AMPK stimulation of the metabolism can result in weight loss for many users. There have been a few studies performed with Metformin citing weight loss for patients who were not diabetic and with minimal negative side effects.

Metformin works in a variety of ways to promote weight loss in both diabetics and non-diabetics. Its effects can not only improve insulin resistance, which is why it is an effective diabetic medication, but it can impact other factors that contribute to weight gain. Some of the benefits of using Metformin for weight loss include:

  • Improved insulin resistance. By allowing insulin to work efficiently in the body, Metformin can help stop the weight gain caused by insulin resistance. Glucose is burned for energy instead of stored as fat, which occurs with insulin resistance.
  • Increased muscle mass. Many overweight people have gained fat and lost muscle. This can also be partially attributed to insulin resistance – the glucose the muscles need for energy has been stored as fat, which can lead to muscle atrophy.
  • Spike in metabolism. With more muscle, your metabolism can increase and help burn the excess fat. Efficient uptake of glucose can help spike the metabolism for increased weight loss.
  • Reduce appetite. In some people, hormone imbalances can impact appetite and lead to overconsumption of calories. Normalizing appetite can be a benefit of taking Metformin, which can help some people eat a reasonable number of calories, thus losing weight.

It is a combination of many factors that has made Metformin effective for weight loss. Another benefit is that this medication is less expensive than many other weight loss treatments, making it affordable.

Metformin for Anti-Aging

Aging begins at a cellular level and that is where Metformin offers anti-aging benefits. The stimulation of AMPK is believed to promote reduced oxidative damage to the cells – this includes cells in all tissue, including the brain. It can also decrease inflammation in the body. Some of the anti-aging benefits that are believed to accompany the use of Metformin include reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, protection against neurodegenerative disease, improved cognitive function and possible reduced cancer incidence. These anti-aging benefits are being studied in a six-year FDA clinical trial on Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME).

There have already been studies performed on non-humans that have shown the promise of Metformin for preventing damage and aging at a cellular level. One study was performed on round worms, which concluded that introducing Metformin slowed their aging process, not only extending their lifespan but keeping them in a healthier state longer. Another study was performed on mice, which concluded the mice medicated with Metformin lived 5.83% longer than the control mice. It is intriguing data that spurred the TAME FDA trial that is ongoing.

Metformin Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

If you have struggled to lose weight, it may be due to changes in your body that impact your muscle mass, metabolism, energy conversion, appetite and glucose uptake. Unfortunately, gaining weight increases your risk of insulin resistance, making it a viscous cycle that is hard to break on your own. For many people, Metformin can help break this cycle and improve the body’s processes, while possibly protecting the cells from damage that results in aging.  Metformin may also help those who are prediabetic reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes while helping them lose weight.

Metformin seems to have the possibility of helping the body restore a more youthful metabolism and improved function at a cellular level. If you want to learn more about Metformin for weight loss or anti-aging, contact us at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix. We offer a wide selection of medical weight loss options, including HCG injections, semaglutide injections, metabolism boosters and Metformin. Call our office today to schedule your weight loss consultation to learn more about all the options available to improve your weight and overall health.