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Many people make the New Year’s resolution to improve their physical fitness and health. If you are embarking on a fitness journey for 2019, you need to ensure your joints are up to the challenge. Injury and deterioration of the joints, especially the knees, are common. If you have knee pain or inflammation that is limiting your efforts to stay healthy, joint injection therapy can be an option to help minimize pain and improve mobility.

The joints are complex, moving mechanisms that require healthy tissue to function correctly. Aging, injury and other factors can affect the cartilage that protects the bones from friction and damage. Inflammation and pain are common in knees, shoulders and elbows, restricting your movements and mobility. If joint pain is slowing you down from meeting your fitness goals, injection therapy can be a viable option to improve joint health.

Joint Inflammation Injections

Stress on the joints can cause inflammation and pain. Two options to limit pain and discomfort from inflammation are trigger point and joint injections. Anti-inflammatory medications as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can be used to reduce inflammation caused by stress and arthritis in the joints. This can offer relief for several months and help you manage joint pain to keep you active and meeting your fitness goals.

Stem Cell Injections

Another option for improving joint health is stem cell injections. Cartilage and tissue in the joints can deteriorate with age. This can occur due to lower production of collagen and other repair elements that are needed for healthy cartilage and tissue. Stem cell injections can help the body repair tissue in the joints, lowering pain and improving function. The stem cells injections we use at Arcadia Wellness Center are derived from purified amniotic fluid that contains soluble growth factors that can help improve repair and healing in your joints.

Joint Injection Therapy in Phoenix

Stay on track with your New Year’s resolution to become more fit in 2019. If you are experiencing joint pain or inflammation, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Sarah Quinn, our highly skilled nurse practitioner to discuss joint injection therapy.