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Targeted Fat Loss with Kybella® Injections

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Even with a healthy lifestyle, you may have areas on your body that retain small fat pockets. You may be height-weight proportionate, yet still have a double-chin, heavier jowls or pockets of fat around your knees. Diet and exercise are not effective in targeted fat removal, but you do not necessarily need to seek a surgical procedure. Kybella® injections can offer a non-invasive option to reduce fat accumulation in those hard-to-reduce areas.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a injectable medication that is FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe submental fat, also known as the “double-chin.” The active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid, which mimics the naturally-occurring deoxycholic acid molecules in the body that breakdown dietary fat. When injected into a fatty area, the medication destroys the membrane of fat cells. The fat from the cells is absorbed back into the bloodstream, but the fat cells are permanently terminated, creating a reduction in the fatty area over the days and weeks following the procedure.

Kybella was designed to treat double-chins, a common issue for both genders and people of all ages and body weights. It is an alternative to liposuction, requiring no downtime or recovery. A few injections during a visit to our clinic is all that is needed for each treatment. As with any injection, the site may have some tenderness or bruising, but this quickly dissipates. While Kybella was created for treating under-the-chin fat, we also have had success treating other targeted areas, including:

  • Heavy or fatty jowls
  • Fat bulges around the bra line
  • Knee fat

These tend to be areas that retain small fat deposit that can be difficult to reduce through diet and exercise. Kybella works best for small, specific areas that need fat reduction. Most people need multiple treatments to achieve the results they desire, spaced one month apart, but results are often visible after one or two treatments.

Kybella Injection for Fat Loss in Phoenix

If you have a double-chin or other small areas of fat you want eliminated, contact our team at Arcadia Wellness Center in Phoenix. We offer Kybella injections for chin fat, jowls, bra-line bulges and knee fat at our clinic. Slim down those trouble spots with a few non-invasive treatments and say goodbye to them for good!