What Is Feminizing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Hormones govern almost every process in the body, including our sex organs, sex characteristics and reproductive systems. Changing the balance of certain “sex” hormones can instruct the body to enhance either female or male traits in the body. Feminizing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used by trans women who were gender-assigned male at birth but identify as female and want to pursue female physical traits. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we offer transgender hormone replacement therapy for feminization at our clinic in Phoenix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feminizing HRT

Beginning transgender hormone therapy can be an exciting endeavor for transgender individuals. It is common to have questions about the side effects, how long the process takes, whether the changes are permanent and more. Here are a few FAQs and answers about feminizing HRT.

What sex characteristics can be changed with transgender HRT?

Changing the hormonal balance to higher levels of estrogen and progesterone and blocking testosterone can impact certain sex characteristics. Breasts, libido, fat distribution, facial hair, muscle mass and male sex organs ( penis/testes) can be altered with feminizing HRT.

How long does it take for noticeable changes to sex characteristics?

Hormone therapy takes time. Some changes can be noticeable in as little as a month or two, like decreased libido or spontaneous erections. Most changes do not begin occurring for 3-6 months and it can take 1-3 years or more for the maximum effect to occur.

Are physical changes permanent?

Some changes with feminizing HRT are permanent, some are not. The enlargement of breasts, shrinking of testicles and decrease in sperm production are permanent changes from HRT, while other changes can reverse when an individual stops taking the hormones.

How does HRT impact emotions and mental wellbeing?

Each person may have a different experience when it comes to their mental and emotional changes during HRT. It is common for transgender women to become more emotional or experience mood swings, but many individuals also report feeling more like their true selves.

Feminizing HRT can have physical, emotional, mental and sexual changes, The effects can differ depending on your age, dosage and other factors. At Arcadia Wellness Center, we customized our transgender HRT for each individual. To learn more, call our clinic in Phoenix to schedule a consultation to discuss feminizing hormone replacement therapy.